The Importance of Drinking Water


The Importance of Drinking Water


For your body’s sake make a conscious effort to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

This is especially important now that summer is here. Most of us run around slightly to severely dehydrated without realizing it. Although we may think we’re drinking enough water, we may not be aware that coffee, alcohol, dried fruits and processed foods soak up fluids in our body and contribute to dehydration.

Dehydration can really wreck havoc on our bodies causing our kidneys to overwork and not function properly in the elimination of toxins. Symptoms of dehydration can include backaches as the vertebral discs get dried out, skin issues, leg cramps, slow digestion, constipation and headaches.

By increasing your drinking water huge physical changes can occur inside and out. In a very short time you will feel better and will notice you have more energy, glowing skin, less puffy eyes and a flatter tummy.

Such a simple remedy, what could be better? Ah, I know… a healing massage!

Healing Treatments with Robin to Nurture Body, Mind and Spirit


♦ Massage – a flowing style of deep and relaxing massage developed over the years that incorporates elements from many methods including traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.

♦ Reiki – a Japanese technique that gently balances life energies for stress reduction and relaxation, triggering the bodies natural healing abilities to improve and maintain health.

♦ SKYourself – a simple and elegant energetic-spiritual healing method that clears emotional blockages from the present and past lives.

Fees | Massage or Reiki: 1-hour €50 or 90-minute €70. SKYourself: €70
Email me to book a session in Santa Catalina, Palma de Mallorca. Or visit me at the Wellness Spa at Hotel Es Moli in Deia.

With love and optimism,



world-environment-daySitting in a French café in Palma de Mallorca and enjoying a coffee while reading For A Future To Be Possible on the Five Mindfulness Trainings by Thich Nhat Hanh, I am filled with emotion as I read the commentary by Br. David Steindl-Rast, especially these paragraphs that speak of our interrelatedness.

“We have reached a threshold in human history, today.  From now on morality must either be all-inclusive or it becomes immoral.  In our world there is no more room for outsiders.  And our sense of belonging must include not only humans, but animals, plants, and all the inanimate furniture of our Earth Household.  Nothing will do any more, but the widest possible horizon of belonging.

“That is why we see two momentous moral changes happening in our time.  All precept structures based on exclusiveness are breaking down, belonging to the past.  A new appreciation for precepts based on a universal sense of belonging is fast gaining ground, belonging to the future.  Of all our religious precepts only those will survive which are the expression of limitless belonging, but those will indeed survive.  They will be shaping the future if there is to be a future.

“More and more people are beginning to realize that the survival or our planet depends on our sense of belonging—to all other humans, to dolphins caught in dragnets, to chickens and pigs and calves raised in animal concentration camps, to redwoods and rainforests, to kelp beds in our oceans, and to the ozone layer.  More and more people are becoming aware that every act that affirms this belonging is a moral act of worship, the fulfillment of a precept written in every human heart.”

Contemplating Rebirth at Easter


“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” —Gandhi

seagull I woke up early contemplating Easter and what it means to me, both metaphorically and for this very moment.  I see this as a moment of dissolution of old forms, the former structure of my work and my life as a partner, a wife, a lover.  Transforming out-worn thought forms and beliefs, especially the silent ones that have buried themselves deeply in the emotions, almost invisible, and yet they manifest. Old ways of seeing myself, believing about myself… it’s time to let them go, dissolve, and allow something new to emerge.

On this day of resurrection it is the perfect time to rise like the Phoenix to a higher frequency of wholeness, holiness expressing as higher beauty, connection, love, abundance, well-being, creativity.

and … fly.

Love, Robin

The Garden of Earthly Delights sparking a trail of illumination


Moving houses last year caused the rearranging of hundreds of books and the rediscovery of forgotten treasures.  One that jumped out begging to be read was from author, naturalist, and conservationist Terry Tempest Williams, LEAP, an unexpected pilgrimage through the landscape of a painting — The Garden of Earthly Delights triptych by Hieronymus Bosch that resides in the Prado Museum in Madrid.

The Garden of Earthly Delights  by Hieronymus Bosch

Detail from The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch

“Religion brings us into community with a shared set of beliefs, symbols, and songs.  We can choose to be internally engaged or not.  The religion goes forward whether we are present or not.  The rules are written.  Those in authority tell us what to do.  It is, for the most part, comfortable and supportive.  We are known.  We belong to a congregation and we are taught to worship a creed ‘the result and fruit of many minds…Purified from all the oddities, shortcomings, and flaws of individual experience.’  There are answers to be found.  It is a peace we can borrow.  We learn compliance, cooperation, and sacrifice.  We can bask in the warmth of feeling part of an organism that knows its place in the world.

Spirituality is solitary.  Its companion is conflict, a gnawing at the soul that cannot be ignored.  We are engaged.  There are no rules.  There are no maps.  We live with the discomfort and ambiguity of our own authority.  At times, it is lonely, often informed by pain.  On other occasions, it is the body submerged in a phosphorescent tide, every movement sparking a trail of illumination.  Afterwards, we sit on the shore in moonlight.  No candles are necessary.  Spirituality exists when we are present, buoyed up by the waters of attention.  We learn the courage of faith.  It is a peace that is earned.  We can take solace in the heat of doubt knowing this is the pulse of poetry.”

While reading the above passage from LEAP on religion and spirituality I realized that Shamanism, as a practice, offers a way to deepen our connection with Life’s visible and invisible worlds and assists us in navigating the spiritual path. Utilizing the principles of quantum physics it gives access to non-ordinary states of consciousness and their healing potential.

I have been drawn to shamanism most of my life and this has been a reoccurring theme in the work of Great Mystery. Our very first event was with Carlos Castaneda presenting his tools of Tensegrity and continued with workshops by Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Alberto Villoldo, Llyn Roberts, John Perkins, Anna Hunt, Mario Mayorga, indigenous teachers from different traditions, as well as an amazing group of thought leaders from various disciplines (see the Great Mystery Faculty ).

Gwilda Wiyaka with hawk  The current online course by Gwilda Wiyaka, Empowering Your Life Through the Art of Shamanic Ceremony is clear and definitely empowering.  Although this Sunday is the last live session, the classes are available as recordings that include study materials for those who want to learn about shamanism or go deeper in their practice.  I, for one, enjoy integrating the art of shamanism into my daily life.

With love and optimism,

Emerging like Aphrodite from the sea… reflections on my recent trip to Cyprus


The image of Aphrodite emerging from the sea in Cyprus, her birthplace, feels appropriate as we emerge from the cocoon of winter. This has been an especially long winter for me… over two years since my beloved passed and almost that long since I took a trip. It was wonderful to visit my friends and Great Mystery coordinator Annee and David and share in the excitement of their recent move to Cyprus, which feels for them like a “coming home.”

Visiting Aphrodite's Rock, Cyprus

Visiting Aphrodite’s Rock, Cyprus

About two weeks before I left for Cyprus I received a very special book, The Little Book of Changes: A Pocket I Ching by Peter Crisp. It is written in simple yet powerful and poetic language while maintaining the integrity of the ancient philosophical text by Wilhelm. I dug out my three Chinese coins and packed the coins and book in my bag.

The time away gave me pause to reflect on what I want for myself and for Great Mystery as I go forward… what is the next step? When I tossed the coins and asked the I Ching “What is my perfect expression with Great Mystery?” (not knowing if it would say it’s time to change direction) I received hexagram 14 – Heavenly Treasure – Fire above, Heaven below. I’m sharing my reading with you here.

The BOOK says::   “A treasure shared is a treasure doubled.”

The BOOK sees::   you like the sun, high in the sky, shining brightly to light up your world, revealing both the good and the bad.

The BOOK suggests::   in the light of this new day
take a good look at your life
get rid of the evil
nurture the good
dig the riches you discover
share them with the world
express yourself clearly
stay in control
you will be richly rewarded
when you find your treasure on earth
it feels like heaven

I returned to Mallorca with a feeling of inspired creativity and my body is responding, too… my shoulder blades are dropping as I open to the primavera sun.

I invite you to accompany me on this new adventure of great mystery.

Love, Robin