Emerging like Aphrodite from the sea… reflections on my recent trip to Cyprus


The image of Aphrodite emerging from the sea in Cyprus, her birthplace, feels appropriate as we emerge from the cocoon of winter. This has been an especially long winter for me… over two years since my beloved passed and almost that long since I took a trip. It was wonderful to visit my friends and Great Mystery coordinator Annee and David and share in the excitement of their recent move to Cyprus, which feels for them like a “coming home.”

Visiting Aphrodite's Rock, Cyprus

Visiting Aphrodite’s Rock, Cyprus

About two weeks before I left for Cyprus I received a very special book, The Little Book of Changes: A Pocket I Ching by Peter Crisp. It is written in simple yet powerful and poetic language while maintaining the integrity of the ancient philosophical text by Wilhelm. I dug out my three Chinese coins and packed the coins and book in my bag.

The time away gave me pause to reflect on what I want for myself and for Great Mystery as I go forward… what is the next step? When I tossed the coins and asked the I Ching “What is my perfect expression with Great Mystery?” (not knowing if it would say it’s time to change direction) I received hexagram 14 – Heavenly Treasure – Fire above, Heaven below. I’m sharing my reading with you here.

The BOOK says::   “A treasure shared is a treasure doubled.”

The BOOK sees::   you like the sun, high in the sky, shining brightly to light up your world, revealing both the good and the bad.

The BOOK suggests::   in the light of this new day
take a good look at your life
get rid of the evil
nurture the good
dig the riches you discover
share them with the world
express yourself clearly
stay in control
you will be richly rewarded
when you find your treasure on earth
it feels like heaven

I returned to Mallorca with a feeling of inspired creativity and my body is responding, too… my shoulder blades are dropping as I open to the primavera sun.

I invite you to accompany me on this new adventure of great mystery.

Love, Robin


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  1. Great Mystery – I won’t say should but I do wish that Great Mystery was on school curriculi! It would make a big difference to allowing people to open their minds to all the possibilities. Meanwhile I remain ever grateful for the chance (or not) encounter that gave me my first Great Mystery experience in 2000. Ever since then Robin, Cody and Great Mystery have been helping me to exercise my mind, refresh my belief in greater things and remember, in the words of the much loved Cody Johnson, OUR PURPOSE IS HIGHER BEAUTY. Thank you Robin for keeping the flame alive. Rosie

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  2. A mystery is the under laying we all walk upon on this journey. It is life, it is spirit and it is thought. Unknown, the path reveals itself in the next moment. We are always surprised. The Great Mystery that was conceived by Cody and Robin is a gift of the path; a stepping stone, a way to stay connected and follow our intuition. I have been so grateful for the teaching of great masters, inspired teachers and members.
    Now we are given a new offering in the writing of Robin – a blog that is sure to reveal her inner most thoughts, her life, and her spirit. Could anyone offer more? What a blessing. Thank you Robin. You are, by design, a courageous model for all of us. Joan

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